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We deliver "KANDO (impression)" to everyone with ingredients delivered from carefully selected producers all over Japan, Japanese traditional cooking techniques, and the spirit of OMOTENASHI (hospitality).

iKKA GOYO is very particular about DASHI (broth). For “iKKA GOYO, OGON DASHI (golden broth)”, KATSUOBUSHI (dried bonito) are shaved just in front of the customers. Because nothing beats the freshly shaved KATSUOBUSHI (dried bonito). We prepare the best cuisine using the best DASHI (broth) by the synergistic effect with KOMBU DASHI (kelp-seaweed broth) extracted over time. In addition, by providing the invisible time of the season with the best cooking ingredients, cuisine, and OMOTENASHI (hospitality) that can only be tasted only here, everyone can experience the transition of Japan's SHIKI (four seasons). Please enjoy the cuisine that you can taste with all five senses, which expresses the "Japanese seasonal calendar" created by the chef, Sakamoto.

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At iKKA GOYO, we are always particular about our cuisine, cooking ingredients and tableware. A dish that has been completed with OGON DASHI (golden broth), which has never been experienced before, based on the purchase of seasonal cooking ingredients from all over Japan, the heating that brings out the potential of the carefully selected materials, and the exquisite seasoning, becomes a piece of art by harmonizing with the best tableware.

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An elegant space in SUKIYA-ZUKURI (SUKIYA style of building). SUKIYA-ZUKURI (SUKIYA style of building) is a space that emphasizes “WABI-SABI (beauty in sadness),” which leads us to the atmosphere of a Japanese tea room. Particularity of TAKUMI about each item. We have the counter made from over 100-year-old YOSHINO cypress which is carefully made by technique of TAKUMI (craftsmen), the wickerwork ceiling made using traditional Japanese technique of TAKUMI (craftsmen), and the masterpiece of calligrapher, Ms. Reiko Kai. Please come and experience these special interiors.

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Mitsutaka Sakamoto

Over 20 years, he has devoted himself to Japanese cuisine.
In 2016 and 2021, he won four Michelin stars at "HYAKURAKUSO" (Ishikawa Prefecture), where he shows his skills as director, executive chef. Chef Sakamoto was driven by his strong desire to let people all over the world know the true charm of Japanese food and culture. After he trained at the famous sushi restaurant "SUSHI ARAI" in Ginza and "NARUSE", a famous tempura restaurant where reservations are the hardest to get in Japan, he is fully prepared to open a flower of iKKA GOYO in the center of Asia called Singapore.

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Sakamoto often cooked meals for his brothers instead of his working parents. Seeing the happy faces of his brothers, who said, "It's delicious!", he decided that what he should pursue is the path of cooking. After graduating from high school in 1999, he went into the path of cooking. Starting with “KAGAYA”*, which is known as the best ryokan (Japanese style hotel) in Japan, and various ryokan (Japanese style hotel) and Japanese restaurants in Aichi, Kyoto, and Tokyo, he trained in cooking that could never be said to be easy and he also learned what the spirit of "OMOTENASHI (hospitality)" is. In 2011, he became the head chef of “HYAKURAKUSO”, a ryokan (Japanese style hotel) in Ishikawa Prefecture, which at the time was facing financial difficulties. He did his best to improve customer satisfaction with the feeling that there is no satisfaction at the ryokan (Japanese style hotel) without satisfaction with the dish. In 2016, he was appointed director, executive chef, and at the same time received four Michelin stars. In addition, he has led the growth to awards from various booking portal sites such as TripAdvisor. In addition, he is recommended as a grand master in recognition of his achievements and contributions to the culinary industry over many years. With a strong conviction to “make everyone involved in food and society happy”, he also conducts activities to convey the wonderfulness and importance of food, such as food education courses and high school lecturers.

In 2022, in preparation for opening a restaurant in Singapore, he learned the essence of sushi at the famous sushi restaurant "SUSHI ARAI" in Ginza, and learned cooking techniques and philosophies that maximize the potential of materials at "NARUSE", a famous tempura restaurant where reservations are the hardest to get in Japan.

Then, he moved his activity to Singapore, spreads the splendor and depth of Japanese cuisine to the world under the theme of "true Japanese cuisine to the world", and devoted his life to disseminating the charm of Japan.
* KAGAYA has been ranked No. 1 for 36 consecutive years since 1977 in the “Top 100 Japanese Hotels and Ryokan Selected by Professionals”.

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115 Amoy Street, #01-04, Singapore 069935